About us

Hi, my name is Tobias Kredatus, and I am the managing director of G&T Safaris GmbH and the founder and operator of Hunting-Wildlife.com

I have been an avid angler since my childhood and a passionate hunter in the Bavarian Alps, my homeland, for over 12 years now. By chance, I was asked to work as an agent for a hunting farm in South Africa. However, due to my professional and time constraints, I decided not to act as a pure agent and the idea of a booking platform like Hunting-Wildlife.com was born. Because I am both an angler and a hunter, it was important to me to offer both divisions to you and help you to find the best trip of your life.

After a long period of searching for the right partner and an even longer development and programming phase, we are proud to finally be online.


Hunting-Wildlife.com offers you not only fishing and hunting trips but also the possibility to find a suitable guide for different waters. From my own experience I know the problem of standing on a foreign water in a foreign country and catch nothing for several days. And this is exactly why, in addition to the travel offers, a list of guides is created here, where you can escape this problem on holiday.

I hope you enjoy your stay on Hunting-Wildlife.com and you find what you are looking for. I wish you a nice and exciting trip.

Petri and Waidmannsheil (as we would say in Germany)

Best regards