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What is is a booking platform for hunting and fishing trips worldwide. Clients can search for their dream trip and then book it without additional costs and directly from the Outfitter

How does work?

The best way to do this is to watch our video on “How it works”

What is offered on is a platform where you can find and book both hunting and fishing trips. In addition, there will be a seperate section for fishing guides in the future, where clients can look for professional guides to have expert help on their next visit to unfamiliar waters. The client takes care of booking the guides themselves and only receives the contact  details of the individual guides from us free of charge.

How do I get the contact details of the Outfitter?

As a client, you will receive the contact details directly by email after booking. In addition, the provider will then notify you of how the payment modalities are designed. A booking is only binding after payment of the deposit.

What is included/excluded in the offers?

There are usually two types of hunting packages offered on

The first type a daily package wher you have to book the individual animals to be hunted as an option when completing the booking.

Type two is a complete offer with a predefined shooting list of animals and a number of overnight satys.

Both types usually already include overnight stays, drinks and meals as well as various other amenities. You can see what is specifically included or not on the respective offer page in the fields “Included/Excluded”. In addition the package normally begins with the pick-up at the airport and end with the drop-off at the airport. This mean that the client is responsible for the flight bookings themselves.

How do I get my trophies home?

In most packages only the field preparation of the trophies is included. This means to get the trophies delivered and get them ready to hang at home you have to hire a taxidermist to do this for you. In most cases, the respective Outfitter can recommend a good taxidermist who will take care of the transport, all becessary papers and processing of the trophies. Please note that these costs are usually not included in the package price and are an additional cost for you.

Who are the local contacts?

The contact person on site is always the Outfitter or one of his employees. There are no offers of middleman oder agents on We only allow Outfitters to offer their packages here in order to protect client against further costs.

What can I do, if something went wrong with my booking?

If you haven´t received a confirmation email from our system after your booking please contact our support at

If you have received our system email but haven´t heard anything from the Outfitter, please contact the Outfitter´s email adress which you received in the confirmation email.

Please note that the Outfitter are most of the days on hunting whith their actual clients. It can take up to 2 days until you receive their email with further information.

What happens if I have to cancel my trip.

This depends on travel policies of the individual Outfitter and how early you cancel yout trip. Denpending how long in front of your trip you want to cancel you can get a partly or complete refund of your paid money. If your time schedule has changed and you only want to reschedule your trip, please contact you Outfitter for the next free time slot for your trip.

What happens if the Outfitter has to cancel the trip?

In the case that the Outfitter has to cancel your booking, he will contact you to talk about a refund or a reschedule of your trip. Should any additional costs for flight rebooking or similar arise, these will be borne by the Outfitter. If you need any help in this case, please contact our support at